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African Print Footwear

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African print and Ankara styles and designs is one of the fashion trends that have come and is expected to stay.

With designers thinking of innovative styles for not just our body but our feet thus making fashion a complete head- to-toe affair, Afriq designs a fashion brand based in Accra decided to make gorgeous footwear from African fabric to help you pamper your feet with their Quality and fashionable sneakers for men, women, children and the aged.

Here are a few tips on how to wear your African fabric sneakers even if you wish to wear them to the gym.

.Cuff your pants or jeans if they are long to show your ankle because the whole idea of wearing the sneakers is to show them off and make a statement

.Don’t wear socks underneath or at least don’t make them show if you can’t do away with it

. Chose a solid colour to get a classic look especially if you want to pair them with the colour of your pants or jeans

. You can totally wear them with a skirt or dress if you prefer or even an Ankara flare skirt
Know that you have to wear your sneakers to the right occasion like the fashion rule states whether you buy the high tech, high fashion, classic or current sport African fabric sneakers or you can just go with the basic sneakers which are general and easy to wear.

Take your footwear game to a whole new with styles from Afriq and join the Fashion trend in this 21st century.

Courtesy: Afriq Designs

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