Imam Fatty Says Women Should Be Asked To Stop Wearing Tight Clothes That Show Off Their Backside

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Top Imam Abdoulie Fatty from the Gambia has stated people always talk about rape but they should also speak to women against wearing tight-fitting clothes.“You know they talk about rape but you’re going [out] and make this [clothe] tight on your backside like a woman who has dressed to go to her husband. You are in the street walking.

Why can’t they ask those people too to change?” the former State House Imam (The Gambia) speaking on HillTop radio (Gambia) on Thursday argued.

According to the Imam, women who wear clothes that hide their anatomy wield greater respect than those who do not.The Imam said: “If you uncover a meat before flies, they must land on it. We shouldn’t deceive ourselves.

We should not try to turn the impossible to the possible. Women should sutura (cover) themselves. “They should ask those who cover themselves.

You have a lot of respect when you cover yourself and go out. And they’re talking saying people should not look at them, people should not talk to them.”

Source: Fatounetwork.net

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