The desert is rough, the heat is intense. In the midst of this shifting sand defying all human presence, there appears an old Panafricanist with uncontrollably feverish steps. 
In the assault, engaging in the last exercise of attempt of dissension towards the young blacks who did not brave this atmosphere trying to the search for the eldorado. 
This cosmopolitan group of young people forced into their countries by famine, wars, political dissensions, individualism and selfishness of the elites; this desperate Africa whose greatest evil is the lack of patriotism; this rich and attractive Africa, with its splinters faded by bloodshed and crime. 
When I see them said the old “Future better” I will give them fresh water from an inexhaustible source where at the same time flow gold, diament, copper, ivory … milk, honey and other commodities that grow without hesitation on a blessed land that any ambitious person would give his heart to be the son … this land they leave for others better elsewhere. 
This old preach almost void a free Africa, socially balanced and just. This is his present dream, a reality in the near future of the black continent.

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