Education occupies a primordial place for the awakening of consciences in Africa. And yet, it’s almost disastrous to see to what
point the education system in most African countries leaves
to be desired Indeed, it is obvious to say that there is a big
gap between the current education system and the realities
socioeconomic. Elementary education is not within the reach of
all. And higher education largely forms only
future unemployed.

Finally, what should we do? The answer to this question appearst o be very simple.the educational system must be oriented towards the social context
with the objective not of promoting universities
but rather the promotion of technical and vocational schools.
Since, technical and vocational training is much more
consistent with the current structure of African society. Furthermore,
when we know that the informal sector which is the basis of
the African economy does not necessarily require diplomas
academics but rather those of the technical school and
professional. Which gives the African responsibility to do
technical and vocational education as a priority in the field of
educational system. They must first and foremost be regulated
to transform the informal sector into a formal sector simply
because it is almost impossible to grow thanks to the sector
informal. This regulation will have to be done on a case by case
account of the specific nature of certain trades. teaching
professional is to be supported and privileged because it should not
to be the poor parent of the African education system. The example of a
country like South Africa is undeniable to assert the need
to focus on technical and vocational education. In
effect, according to the National Develop Plan, “South Africa will have to
train at least thirty thousand craftsmen a year until 2030 “.
The objective of this program is to reintegrate the future unemployed
higher education who will want to undertake in the trades
professionals. Why African countries are not inspired by
them on successful initiatives that succeed instead of duplicate
at all costs what is happening to Western neighbors? The
answer to this question lies in irresponsibility and very
often even in the greed and greed of the majority of
African leaders. Africans must wake up, and take
aware that the education system we are trying to
not suitable. The success of the informal sector is the expression
of a failure of economic integration. No development project
global economy can not coexist with an informal economy as important.

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