My strength
I have watered at the source of this wisdom,
The wisdom of my land,
The land of my ancestors,
Ancestors who are gods,
The gods who rock me in the depths of their immensity,
The immensity of their beings.
I know, I am, I exist.
I magnify myself dressed in their wisdom.
I climb the steps of their grandeur,
 I defeat the world.
The more I know, the more I am, the more I exist.
I will not perish, for lack of knowledge.
 I enter the lodge I grow I strengthen myself in the breath of ancestors who are made gods.
In the cabal, that of my mother Earth
The wise ancestors the gods forge me
I am the anvil on which
forge other destinies.

I’m Great
Great of my wisdom
Great of my soul
Where Africa is strong
Black Africa of wises and Genius
Great of my knowledge
The knowledge of my ancestors
Ancestors of which
I am the consciousness and the fullness I hold the soul of my ancestors
of my gods
I have the power
I am Africa.
  Written by DELA’A

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