This word in Africa is for the oppressed as a genius of evil. A science that according to the understandings is the art of managing public affairs. But in it African practice, politic becomes an instrument of cunning, a demonstration of the power of the rulers over the governed. It invites itself everywhere: From the graduate’s application letter to the farmer’s water tap. Politic crystallizes all the debates and conditions relations between the brothers.
Result: Today, we have an African society that is excessively fractured and that does not appeal to anyone. If we stick to the initial definition of politic, it has no substance that can cause so many divisions within peoples. What use do we make of us Africans?

There social commitment must supplant political calculations among elites. To do this, our countries must begin by instilling patriotic and social values ​​in future leaders from school benches. To return to our sources, to our memories and to make them reflect norms, this honest spirit of governance of our grandparents. Our continent will have a lot to gain if we do this. This will solve all these problems of corruption, famine, terrorism, civil wars, migration … that do not make the revolution of the continent worse.

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