The church, a wolf in the sheepfold of our African cultures? This thorny and embarrassing issue is worthy of thought. To answer this question is to take a look at pre-colonial history, a look stripped of all hypocrisy and blindness or intellectual lethargy. It is no secret that Africa had a prosperous and enviable precolonial past in religion, which was the glue of cultural unity and social cohesion.
 We all know the place of the gods in the traditional social organization in Africa: was not everything rosy? Was not it perfect? Who would dare to deny that?
But what are we living today after the passage of armed missionaries, these prophets of evil? The decline of our religious and cultural heritage!

The world has collapsed and continues to collapse because we sold our soul to the white prophets who used it to enslave. They have stripped us of our authentic values, which are our strengths. They acculturated us but also dehumanized: they recreated us to their images and looks like them. Evil is applauded the well repressed. Look at them today who legalize homosexuality, bestiality, Satanism, they who sold us “God”! Look at their clergy today infested with I-know-what-monsters. Does not their church continue to sing opium to better lull our consciences, better exploit us … ??
 Their church, this Trojan horse, at the heart of our consciences and our societies do the job of whom? These missions located everywhere in Africa, work for whom? The true reason for their presence is it for the work of a God that they themselves are already corrupted and overused or at the service of a white hypocritical economy?
 While waiting to be told that I am wrong to fish for my saints, I return to my gods and my authentic culture. I return to the values ​​of mine lost in the ocean of imported religions .. these religions that I, impoverish the spirit and the soul and move away from my mother earth.
No place like home !!
Written by DELA’A

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