One of the most coveted continents in the world, the African space has been and continues to be the object of invasions in terms of science, religion and culture … It is true that nowadays the world knows a interconnection that does not allow any country, even those on the ends of the earth to live in autarky. On the other hand, in Africa, far from concentrating our knowledge, our way of life on exchanges with the outside world, we allow ourselves to let our habits crumble in favor of exogenous models. What is the cause?

The African world for a long time still has not known how to value what it has. These values, this social order which reigned there, far from being an ancestral cult, was on which rested the cohesion and the tranquility of this society. Added to this is the feeling of inferiority of black before other races. Our culture first and foremost is what the creator has inspired us by nature. It goes hand in hand with the environment that he gave us. What is considered benign under other skies is not necessarily innocent at home in Africa. Moreover everything that comes from the outside of the westerners is not rosy. They have their story, on which they created their way of life. The black continent also has peculiarities because of its history and its natural contours. Tweaking the principles that are naturally anchored in one’s living space can attract many troubles to oneself. This explains the tragedies that African society knows every day. To save this continent, Africans as we are, we must return to the values ​​that once, balancing black society to ancestral times. As a testimony to the love we have for this land, everyone in his everyday life will play his part to help this dear continent. One day in Africa the sun shall rise

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