🌹 “A drug does not administer itself to a patient. Someone needs to serve it. Man is the medicine of man.

What is the connection between rain, clouds and trees? Why is there salt in blood, sweat and tears? Why is sex at the center of the human body? Does the tongue quarrel with the teeth? Who are you if your name, your diplomas, your job, your bank account are taken away? Those who have experienced intimate tragedies are the greatest defenders of justice. Pepper, an old man told me, helps quench thirst. Light warriors do not walk in darkness. They are in the valleys, far from honor, cultivating the field of the impossible. The rays of the sun go down over the water without drowning in it. The greatest initiation is in listening to yourself. Listening to yourself is choosing the path of rectitude. It’s the white coat that is likely to get dirty faster. The universe has its laws, Plants have the keys. The most bitter are the most powerful.

In the war of excesses, in spaces that are not ours, what meaning do we give to the struggle for our freedom, unity, if we do not socialize? If we don’t talk to each other? If we don’t afford this precious commodity, what is time?

Yesterday I went to visit a Great Soul. I found her on her bed in pain. She asked me to serve her a decoction that lay on the table. She didn’t have the strength to get up. It was when she felt better that she asked me all these questions to find out what to teach me. She explained to me that everything is linked. That the essence of man is in its core, its restricted circle. There is unity in diversity, that is why in convents we speak the languages ​​of neighboring peoples. She was the one who taught me that no drug can administer itself to a patient. Someone needs to serve it. Are you ready to serve? »# LhommeEstLeMédicamentDelhomme, Elom 20ce, Lomé, 05/14/2020. It is 10:33 p.m. Pic by Emerson! With Foli Estelle & Anique Ayiboe during the filming of #AMEWUGA. Clothes in Bogolan

by Asrafobawu

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