Many people are unaware that blacks came to America long before slavery and also before the arrival of the white devil in America with this bloodthirsty thug of Columbus in 1492 who committed crimes on the Amerindians. Aboubakri II nicknamed “explorer emperor” was an emperor of Mali who reigned from 1310 to 1312. Aboubakari II, made in 1312 the transatlantic voyage from exile at the same time he discovered America during this same year. This journey of discovery and conquest is reported by the Arab historian El Omari in 1324, in his ancient text Kitaab. This will be confirmed by the Arab traveler Ibn Kaldoum in several of his ancient texts. Around 1312 blacks are received by the Indians for trade. Many American Indians have welcomed Africans to their villages. Even after the arrival of the white man with slavery. Black slaves are integrated into the Indian family as you can see in the photo. And there have been marriages between blacks and Indians. And their descendants were classified as Black Indians. So the history program that we teach to Africans by telling them that it is this thug of Christophe Colmb who discovered America in 1492 is completely false and that Western historians know it but they will not say it. In fact, Guyana historian Ivan Van Sertima of Rutgers University attempted in 1976 to trace the journey of the African Aboubakri, the man who discovered America in 1312.
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