The culinary art like any other practice which renders a daily service to the Man who has slowly entered his culture. African cuisine more than a practice is a form of cultural and historical expression which varies according to each people.

Nowadays, globalization and the mixing of peoples offers another possibility to discover the history of other peoples on the plates. Also, the African in preference to exotic dishes is uprooted from local culinary values.

As a result, it is difficult for many Africans to separate the dishes from local recipes from those from takeaway recipes. This brings us back to the question: why should we give more credit to endogenous menus?

It would seem trivial to savor Western foods on a daily basis with great satisfaction. But let us remember this: each recipe has a therapeutic and cultural importance which varies according to the climate and the race.

By giving more importance to African recipes, we thus consolidate our health and we perpetuate the values ​​and stories of our ancestors so that they are accessible to future generations in their entirety.

In this way, Gatingo Africa returns the question to you … in your opinion why should we give more importance to local menus?

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Ahondo Herman

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