Beads are a beautiful way to add color and fullness to one’s looks. They complement a woman’s dressing by adding some spark and glam to her look.

The shoes, watches and other colors of accessories fade with time and so it is very important to be in tune with time and choose accessories that work with the modern fashion trends to help you define your peculiar style of fashion.

Egudzi has a collection defined with dainty pieces and designed to add just that spark and
exceptional color to every woman’s chosen look.

Founded by Ewurama Ricketts, Egudzi’s collections have blossomed over the years and have served the Ghanaian woman’s fashion accessory needs.

Egudzi literally means treasure or precious jewelry in Fante, a dialect spoken by the people from the central Region of Ghana.
Take a sneak pick of her designs and feel free to chose any of them to match your dressing.

Love Mizzy



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