Fascinators and hats are a form of headpiece and a style of millinery. Hats on the whole were won in the 19th century to compliment one’s style however, fascinators in the 21st century are won as alternatives to hats.

Hats and fascinators have become so hot in fashion and when won right, it can readily compliment your outfit and inject a bit of elegance into your style.

Here are a few good ways to wear your fascinators.

coordinate the size with your hairstyle. Depending on how small, big loose or slightly pulled back your hairstyle, a medium to large size of hats and fascinators are best unless your hairstyle is voluminous.

· Pick the color that matches your outfit. This will give your total look the charm of belonging together and give it a more classy and subtle boldness.
· Make sure you pick your material according to the season. Wear hats with lighter material in warmer atmospheres and in cold atmospheres, wear heavy or fascinators made of thicker material.
· Pick hats and fascinators to compliment your face shape. When you have a round, taller, thin or long face, a spherical shape fascinator suits you best but always go with what works for you and remember to secure bands firmly behind your ears if you wear glasses.
· Keep your styles simple to avoid looking too busy in combination with your glass.

Fascinators add style and glam to your dressing so top up your looks in stunning ways with various ranges of hats, berets, caps and statement fascinators.

Fascinator designs and pics by: Velmaccessories

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