What is the right way to use body scrubs?

Which is the right scrub type for my skin type?

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Scrubs are generally used to peel off dead akin cells from the surface of the skin to reveal a much youthful, smooth, brighter and clearer skin but to achieve this, depends on using the right type of scrub for your skin type and in the right way.

Be it sugar? Salt, butters and or oil scrubs, chosing the right scrub depends on your skin type and the skin goal you want to achieve.(ie to lighten, clear acne and dark spots, glow etc).

If you have a sensitive and thin skin, it is advisable to use butters and oil scrubs rather than sugar and salt based scrubs which are a bit agressive on the skin.


SCRUBS are used in the bath or shower to avoid damage to skin.

Make sure your body is thoroughly wet and softened with water.

Apply with hand

Cover your body with adequate amount of scrub and using circular motion, massage into your skin.

Rinse off and follow with moisturizing lotion for a supple feel on your skin.

Use scrubs 2-3 times in a week or oncenif you have a sensitive skin.

This will give glow your skin, make it soft and smooth, remove dead skin cells and allow for any creams you are using to penetrate better into your skin.

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