In a world of endless fashion options, it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to deciding on what to wear.

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You are most likely to have a closet full of colours, textures, patterns and trends which will make it difficult when choosing your dress every morning but the truth is, there are a few tips you can follow to choose the right outfit while you work on getting the right and appropriate wardrobe for every occasion or season.
Here are four ways by which you can achieve the flawless look you want with ease and still look chic.

Take time to go through your wardrobe and rehab it
Research from stylists in the country have shown that the right way to curate your closet so that everything in it has purpose and is something you actually wear is to identify your style, wardrobe essentials and re-organizing your wardrobe to suit your style.
Do this by reviewing your most loved colours, trends and styles you want to include in your wardrobe and shop accordingly.

1.Invest in timeless dresses not trendy items
As fun as impulse buying is, and inasmuch as you might want to follow the newest fashion trend by buying and wearing what everyone else is wearing, it is ideal to invest in one or two quality dresses or fashion items which you can alternate to match different shoes and bags in order to save money for when you really need to go for that shopping.

2.Learn how to thrift well
Devote some time to go through your old clothes or when you go shopping at a cheap store to sift through the dresses to find ones that are in good condition and cost less.
If you find dresses that are oversized or have a few patch-ups, head straight to your seamstress place to have them fixed. Remember fashion is what works for you and not someone else.

3.Dress in 3 colors at a time
Even when you are mixing colours, textures and patterns, keep everything up to three colours and the rest will fit in and look intentional.
This option does not only help you look chic but allow you to narrow your options when picking out an outfit. Remember white doesn’t count as your colour and busy fabrics and prints count for one colour.

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Try to put these tips into practice and see what magic it does to helping you look simple but chic.


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