We all agree that 2020 has been unpredictable and challenging so much so that no one will say they have actually paid full attention to their selfcare and beauty needs than they wanted the pandemic to be over.

However we must not neglect personal care as this in some way aids the immune system fight against diseases.

Here are some rituals you can incoporate into your routines and regimens and moreso you can do this at home.

Try being a morning workout person:
The most important aspect of anyone’s morning is being able to have good balance of Me- time and productivity. Start your day with some quick meditation yo relax and prepare you for the day, and then you can squeeze in some 20-30 minutes of physical exercise for some burst of energy.

Lemon juice in a glass of water:
This is a simple detox recipe to wash your system off any toxins and also give you energy for the day. Squeeze halp part lemon into a full glass of warm water in the morning.

Sleep 7-8 Hours Each Night
This is a healthy habit many people have to improve.
Take these simple steps to improve your sleep quality.
. Sleep and get up at the same times each day
. Allow your bed to be associated with sleep
. Set a timer on your screen time and color to prevent bright lights on your phone keeping you away from sleep.
. Instead of watching the television prior to sleep, read a book

Massage with oils
You don’t need to be in the Spa to have a good oil massage. You can blend your own essential oils with Peppermint, Rose oil, coconut oil, lavender oil and massage 2-3times a week.

Moisturize with lotions containing vitamins C&E which will help nourish your skin, leaving it smooth and surple.

This list is not exhaustive and so feel free to include any helpful rituals that helps take care of yourself. Remember selfcare and selflove is paramount to doing anything effectively.

Love Mizzy

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