choosing the right foundation for your skin tone can be a little confusing especially when you have brands that can offer two or three colors that are identical however, there are still simple ways and steps that you can use to get the perfect match.

first you should know your skin color and that is if you are Dark, medium, fair or light skinned because this will narrow your options and prevent that confusion you have once you step into a cosmetic shop.

Next you want to look at your undertone to see if you are cool, warm or neutral and what does this mean?
Beneath your skin color and specific skin tone, there is a soft and subtle color. One easy way you identify this is to check your veins to see if they are blue, green or if they do not show at all.

if your vein is green then you have a warm undertone and if it is blue then you have a cool undertone. if you cannot tell what color your vein is or if you have both colors then you probably have a neutral undertone.

once you have identified your undertone, pick three shades of foundation that appear to be close to your skin tone and test them on your jaw line. The shade that disappears is your correct shade match. Be sure to use a little more of the foundation to get a clear idea of it’s true color.

Now you are ready to find your perfect foundation and rock it too!!

Love mizzy

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