Hello lovelies, how many of us grab our phones first thing upon waking in the morning? And how many of us know that is a really bad habit? Learn how you can make very quick changes to your bad habits in no time.

  • Don’t grab your phone upon waking up in the morning instead journal ans drink tea.
  • Skipping breakfast is a bad way to start your day rather drink a nutritious smoothie.
  • Don’t break the bank to spens money on things you don’t need, put extra money towards a dream or vacation
  • work out for 30 mins after getting home from work instead of watching Netflix
  • Don’t snack when you are not hungry.

Meditate for 5 minutes to reset your mood for the rest of the day.Don’t stress yourself over changing these habits all at once. Inculcate them into your day-to day life.

Love Mizzy

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