Happy Belated Val’s Day to you all and i hope we celebrated out of love, from the heart and not by gifts or material things

Now that brings me to an important topic i have been researching on and will love for to share with you.

How many of us have looked closely at our body types and shapes before walking to any thrift shop or boutique? I bet we just buy the dress or wear them because others are wearing it too but this should not be the case.

There are different women bosy types and shapes and if we must dress right, and to fit, then we have to take our body types and shapes into consideration.Below i list the body types and shapes we have. Have a very good look at them for we will discuss them in details in our next article.

  1. Apple body shape
  2. Pear body shape
  3. Banana body shape
  4. Strawberry body shape
  5. Cherry body shape

Now which type do you think you are?

Do you know how to dress for your body type?

Follow me on my next article to know more

Love Mizzy

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