By: Mamaga Hoeflewo Dadzi II,
Four Women dead… those reported and we are only in the third month of
2021!!!… The cycle however continues as the young onlookers carry the
trauma of these happenings into their future if care is not taken and the right
assistance given to the onlooker.

As was the case in one incident, a five year
old girl witnessed her mother being stabbed 15 times before her mother’s
death, what imprint has registered in her psyche, I can imagine!
Life is SIMPLE, yet as humans we like to complicate things as though to prove
our intelligence but that’s unfortunate.

There’s Give and Take, so once there’s only giving without the taking or vice
versa then the circuit is shortened and therefore needs addressing and most
likely by the empowered individual involved!.

Our mental state as a people needs to be carefully looked at!
A good education, well paid job, travel, booming Economy (in the case of
the nation), etc are all interesting things, but what underlines the sustainability
of these, is Good institutions and Relationships at the nuclear level!… without
this, we are just moving in circles.

Individuals must come to the understanding that, there’s more to life and that
there’s a reason and a Purpose for our journey here on earth… without
sounding Religious, as religion has had its fair effect on the issues of
psychology of our people for good or for bad that cannot be fully enumerated
in this article.


Why would anyone stay in a Stalemate relationship?…
If this question is delved into we see that, the answer is mostly because of
other people ( Their influence and worries about what “They” would Say) and

For the “Other People” Example: We are equal, however we each have an
individual journey and path to take, say I am to Travel to Ho from Penyi, Kofi is
to travel to Ho from Kumasi, Ama is to travel to Ho from Cape Coast, note that
the destination is Ho, however, they each must travel a different route to Ho…
so imagine Ama saying Mamaga’s route from Penyi to Ho is misleading or that
Kofi’s route from Kumasi to Ho should not be followed because Her route (
Cape Coast to Ho) is The one and only perfect way!

From her perspective she’s right, because unless she’s coming from Cape
Coast, using any other route may be misleading or entirely a waste of time, but
those from other areas must use the navigation from the point they are
coming from in order to get to Ho… no one person has the entirely right path
unless they are to journey the same path!

So when advising, People should have at the back of their minds that the
individual involved has their own path and that you the advisor may not have
all the answers required… The best you can do is to offer your support that the
individual Victim needs at that moment.
Additionally People usually stay for fear of their inability to sustain their basic
creature needs.

Also the larger systemic problems of income inequality, high poverty rates
among women and children, rigidity of gender role expectations, and
structural violence against women play a large part in shaping the experiences
of women, both as individuals and as a group.
It’s about time as it’s long overdue, to Institutionalise Psychological Health care
into mainstream health Care and our educational system.

We as a people must come to the realization that we are all equal
and stop the marginalisation… ! And this can only happen with Mental Health
education and Psychological wellbeing awareness.

Mamaga Hoeflewo Dadzi II

The writer is Paramount Queen of Penyi Traditional Area in the Ketu North Municipality of the volta region of Ghana and President of the Ama Adoma International Foundation.

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