Are you unsure about what to wear as a guest to a wedding or to an event, below are a few tips to help narrow your choice.

If you have been invited for a wedding, do consider the dress code. Is it a formal, semi formal or a casual wedding? Does the bride prefer a particular color? Always put these questions in mind when selecting an outfit as a wedding guest

Location also plays a role in the selection of your outfit. The attire to wear to a beach or a garden wedding will be different from that which you wear to a dinner celebration. You don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed for the occasion

Consider the time of the day so that you do not wear too light or too heavy clothing to avoid the coldness of the night and the heat in the day

Don’t wear white, black and don’t go bold. You are a guest and so allow the bride to keep bein the centre of attraction on her day. You do not want to show up looking like a funeral guest, too colorful.Remember do not outdo the bride.

While this list is not exhaustive, these few tips can help you pinpoint your choice of dressing as a guest at a wedding.

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