Most people especially the youths fear to venture into impact projects in the community they find themselves.They most mostly fear to start initiatives because they think that such projects are reserved for the rich and special people in society.

Moreover, lack of self confidence and the notion that such tasks are too stressful.More than ever,the world needs more hands on board to contribute their quota in making it a better place to live.Serious global issues such as the outbreak of deadly pandemics,global warming, water pollution,and rascism among others are on the rise hence the urgent need for the youths to rise up andsolve these worrying situation.The purpose of this article is to espouse the youths to strategies to start impact projects.


Firstly, identify a problem in your community.

For instance, in your community the gutters are always choked with refuse causing floods anytime it rains leading to distraction of properties or sometimes claiming lives.

Think about possible solutions to the problems.

The posible solutions you may want to consider for the above problems may be .

Raising awareness on proper waste disposal methods.

Organising community clean up exercises.Seeking for funds to procure waste bins for the community.

Drawing the attention of national and local leaders to enforce sanitation laws.Share your idea with friends to seek for their support.

Seek for the support of opinion leaders if possible.

Get a short and catchy name for the projects

Set your goals and vision

Set timeliness for the project.

(The launching date,the project execution date)

Market the idea to get the needed attention it deserves.

Use social media. Social media is a very powerful tool, leverage on it to market your project to get the needed attention it deserves. Notwithstanding that you can approach media houses in your community to give you the chance to do presentation on the project. Look for a source of funding to finance your project.

You may consider crowd fund, selling of coupons and personal financing among others. Though funding is an important factor in starting projects, you can start project from a very small beginning without money. When you start well, people will support you wholeheartedly if they see the worthyness of your initiative. Kindly note that, you don’t need to necessarily start with complex and bigger projects. Most successful projects usually starts very small and later grow very big. No idea is too small to change the world. Together we can make a difference.

Writer: Mark Kojo Medegli Ghana

Contact: +233247919783

Tribe 10 (Sustainability Warriors) of United People Global Sustainability Class of 2021. Editors:

Aldi Musa: Indonesia

Anastasiia Bondar: Czech Republic

Rahmaullah Niazi: Afghanista

Hajar Hassina : Morocco

Clerita Ngenyi: Cameroon

Gulborbonu: Mirzoeva Tajikistan

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