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We have been talking about Boob Tapes, the types and which ones to use, and why it is a must have for all ladies.

Aside it lifting up sagging breasts, it enables you to wear your beautiful V-neck, Back- Open, off-the-shoulder dresses just to mention a few.

Today let’s look at how to get your boobs ready for tapping.


The importance of doing a patch taste on your skin before taping your breasts cannot be understated.

A patch test will determine your skin’s reaction to the glue of the tape and if it will cause you irritation or not.

You can do this by cutting off a small strip of tape and applying it to your skin.

Apply the tape to skin that is similar to that of your breasts.

Leave it on as long as you expect to wear your boob tape.

Keep in mind that redness is normal if you have sensitive skin.


Once you’ve determined your tape of choice, you have to prep your skin.

Make sure the area is clean or else the tape won’t stick properly.

Make sure you don’t apply any oils or lotions before applying your tape.

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